We are SOLD OUT! WOW, what an overwhelming response after our spot on the news! Thank you ALL so much for the support! We will be getting more BurriTotes in December but we don't want to make any promises about Christmas that we can't keep. Sign up for the mailing list (at the bottom of the page) and when we get more we will send out an email announcement that they have arrived. It will be first come, first serve. Once again, thank you all SO MUCH! Keep on Burrito'n!

Meet The BurriTote

When you've got places to go, and Burritos to eat.

Taking your burrito on the go?
The BurriTote Keeps it Warm. Take your burrito on all of life's great adventures.


  • Salsa Compartment

    The top salsa compartment can fit up to 4  of the mini salsa cups. 2 of the standard size, or one of the large.

  • Thermal Insulated

    Premium Thermal Insulation (food grade PEVA lining) keeps your burrito warm and your salsa cold.

  • For Burritos Big & Small

    The wide 4.5" opening allows for burritos big & small alike.

  • Horizontal Carry

    The side handle promotes a horizontal carry, preventing soggy butt burritos. Nobody likes soggy butt burritos.

  • Get it to go

    Never again, do you have to face the disappointment of biting into a cold burrito after taking her home.

  • For the Long Haul

    Flying to one of those middle states? Better pack a burrito, Lord knows you'll need it.

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